The Ganga River Dolphins are likely to see their doomsday pretty soon in spite of all the awareness that has been created to save them. This is because the plans for the national dolphin research center in Patna University has been jammed. These dolphins were declared as the national aquatic animal of India in 2009, and look at their fate now. The National Dolphin Action Plan was established in 2010 to save these mammals, but no steps have been taken to save them. In 2012, 1500 dolphins were counted between Chausa and Sahebganj through which the Ganga runs. This act was supposed to bring in all the research scholars in the country and abroad together to find a way to help the dolphins.


Even with a 20-crore budget that was allocated for infrastructure, the act couldn’t do much. The problem is that the Patna university wanted the center to function under it, while the government wants to make it autonomous. These are irrelevant problems that show how mature these people are when it comes to saving something that’s not theirs. Are the dolphins going to wait until these people sort their issues out? No. They may probably be long gone once the officials come to a stable decision. We hope they do not wait for something dreadful to happen and continue with the act at the earliest. The national aquatic animal of our country deserves to live and it is out responsibility!


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