We’re going to talk about the slowest animal on this planet, or should I call it an insect? Snails aren’t the type of animals you’d regularly interact with, but they are extremely interesting on one side. Being extremely slow, they rank even above the tortoise in the speedometer! Haha.


Let’s see some fun facts about snails!

1. This will take you by surprise! A snail does not have a backbone! This makes it easy for them to retreat into their shells when they feel threatened.

2. The Giant African Snail is the largest land snail!

3. North America is a home for around 500 species of land snails!

4. In the wild, snails only survive from up to 2 to 5 years, but when bred in captivity, they can survive up to even 15 years!

5. New-born snails that hatch out of the egg have the ability to eat the egg.


6. Did you know that snail eggs are edible?

7. Spots, scars, and wrinkles on our skin can be treated with the help of the mucus of a garden snail! I know it’s gross, but it helps.

8. Snails move at a pace of 0.5-0.8 inches per second. To put it in simple words, they need more than a week to cover a distance of 1 kilometer!

9. Snail shells are predominantly made of calcium carbonate.

10. The size of the shell represents the age of the snail!

Hope you loved these facts! Stay tuned for more.

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