First of all, how many of you knew that foxes belong to the dog family? Most of them tend to confuse them with the cats. This is because they have a lot in common with the cats. These animals can adapt to almost any conditions and can be found everywhere on earth except Antarctica.


Let us see some fun facts about them.

1. Foxes are solitary animals. A group of foxes is called a skulk. When they grow up, they grow up with a small family living in burrows.
2. They are much similar to cats when it comes to their time of activity. Like the cat, a fox is the most active after sunset. Foxes have retractable claws, and thus can climb even tree tops. This is why some foxes even sleep on trees.
3. A male fox is called a dog fox and the female one is called a vixen.
4. Though they are solitary animals, they hunt alone. Wolves are closely related to foxes, but they hunt as a pack.
5. A fox digs an underground den once it has babies. It protects the babies from predators by hiding them in the dens.
6. Foxes have a vertical pupil, much like a cat. Therefore, they have a crystal clear vision at the night times.
7. Foxes can actually hear a watch that’s ticking 40 yards away. They are said to possess sharp hearing alongside vision.
8. Foxes have whiskers on their face and legs both. These whiskers help the fox navigate through places.
9. Foxes have a maximum lifespan of 14 years.

10. Foxes use around 30 different calls to communicate.


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