Crows are one of the most common birds of India. As Indians, we know how annoying their cawing can be at times! Crows are very intelligent creatures and are problem solvers. We know this very well from the water in a pot story! Haha.

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Let us see some cool facts about the bird clad in black.

1. Crows that survive in cities require only 10% of the nesting territory that the wild ones in the forest build. Crows have excellent safety measures. They trick their predators by building fake nests!
2. Do you what crows use for fragrance? They crush ants and rub them all over their body. The formic acid that ants release act as a measure to shake off parasites off their body.
3. Pet crows give names to their owners. They make a specific sound around their owner which they never make around normal people!
4. Female crows are sincere throughout their life, but the males ones will cheat.


5. Crows have an ability to count too. They can count up to six!
6. Crows murder each other at times and the reason for this is still unknown! This mystery is still confusing the current generation scientists.
7. Crows have a wide diet cycle. They can supposedly eat over 1000 food varieties. Throw out a burger and you’ll find a crow feeding on it.
8. Even though crows kill each other at times, the healthy ones have been found taking care of the weak ones.
9. Crows are solitary creatures. Most of the species of crows flock around with a group.
10. Due to excessive deforestation, the Flores crow is listed under the endangered species.

Loved these facts? Stay tuned for more.

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