It’s official that Pandas have escaped extinction, thanks to some humanity that is still alive on this planet. Pandas up the cuteness level of their entire species and are known all over the world as a symbol of love and peace. Oh, let’s not forget the Kungfu Panda. We must agree to the fact that Pandas became more popular after that movie came out. Though they’ve escaped extinction, they’re still marked under the endangered list. But, it’s one step better, right? Let’s find out more about this Chinese animal. Yes, it’s native marks to South China.

1. Pandas are extremely shy and rare animals. But, they can get adorably annoying once they get to know you. Just go and see how much they annoy their zoo-keepers. There are tons of such Panda videos on YouTube.

2. A Panda usually spends 75% of its day eating and the rest, resting. We can easily understand that the Panda is a solitary animal.

3. Although Pandas are lazy animals, they may even climb heights of 4000 feet during the winters for food.

4. Pandas eat up to 20Kg of bamboo in a day. This tedious process may take 16 hours or more!

5. Pandas, like dogs, mark their territories with their scent.

6. Pandas have a short lifespan of just 20 years, that too, only if they’re left for free in the wild.

7. Baby Pandas are born blind, and won’t be able to crawl until they reach the age of 3 months.

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