What are adjectives the things you requirement for a brackish sea fish container?
just wondering. I don’t know what kind of tank it is or anything, It will most approaching be a BIG one though.

What are best dimensions for 100g reservoir to house 3 big, aggressive fish?
I would like to have a 100g glass container custom made. Purpose is to house 1 Picasso Trigger, 1 Green Spotted Puffer and a Powder Blue Tang with live rock for hiding places. What would the best dimensions be for the tank? Thank you.

Need aid beside stove within 10 gallon reservoir?
I have a 100watt heater in a 10 gallon reservoir, the heater is the self adjusting kind. It other stays at 78F. It’s new and it takes 5 hours to warm up the together tank, is this normal? Also it turns of constantly, like every 10-15…

Need answer prompt!saltwater examination?
I was wondering is it safe to add FEW fish?ammonia – 0nitrite – between 0 -.25 i guess more nil thoughnitrate- 60ph – 8.0 -8.2 close collorsDo i just do a water change to remove some of the nitrate? Right?or do i dally till nitrate drops (which…

Need assist next to a fish decree?
I have a betta that has been suffering from popeye. Although I own been treating him with the medicine he dosn’t look much better & I would say-so is probebly on his way out. When the time comes I want to move from just a…

Need assistance creating a tropical community container?
i want to make a really nice tropical tank, but i’m not sure what to put contained by it, the only fish i have currently is 1 bristlenose plec and a L134. I have a rekord 120, actual river area: 100cm x 30cm x 40cm (8cm taken…

Should I donate anything else to my container?
Right now I have a 30 gallon tank beside 2 platys (an inch and a half each), two fancy guppies (about 1 inch each), two zebra danios (about 1 and a half inches), 3 glolite tetras (1 inch each), and 3 pristella tetras (one inch each). Anything…

Should I euthanize my dying gold ingots fish?
It can’t move, can barely flap its flippers, and is unresponsive. It also can’t swim to eat. This started about 5 days and is getting progressively worse. Should I freshly put it out of it’s misery and flush it?

Should I experiment the river?
Yesterday I got some fish for my 10 gallon tank. (My 37 is cycling and once it’s done my fish are going in it) I brought a marine sample to the pet store and he told me that it was okay for fish and that the cycle…

Should I hold blood parrot and angelfish surrounded by one and the same container? ?
Will 2 blood parrots and 2 angelfish get along in a 55-gallon reservoir along with 6 emerald cory cats?

Should i humanely euthanize my fish?
My fish has had Pop-eye for about a week, we’ve bought tablets for it but it’s only gotten worse. He looks miserable, he only floats on one side of his body(like when fish die) and he’s completely blind contained by one eye so he only swims in…

What can I nurture my fish?
We bought some little feeder fish for our turtle and I was wondering if we could just nurture them lettuce and carrots, or just veggies like that until the turtle eat them. We bought some little pellets for the turtle and I thought that maybe they could…

What can I nurture my flowerhorn so it will really be sound?
Bought it in Feb. around 6 in. and it is now 13 contained by. Can I help intensify the red and yellow color by feeding it properly. I donate him (MYF, stands for My Friend) 2 teaspoons of ordinary generic flower horn pellets for enhancing humps.

What can i nurture my goldfishes for tonight? :(?
i forgot to buy them goldfish flakes:(.. i have no more food for them, what can i feed them for tonight?? where else do they trade fish food besides pet shops?

What can i nurture my oscar fish?
i have two 3″ long oscars. i am feeding them goldfish and ghost shrimp right very soon. i have the goldfish in a 10 gallon tank to spawn sure they aren’t sick. what else can i feed them? by the way they hold no interest in pellets.

What big-hearted of environment will i nee?d for a newt/salamander?
i have a small tank with only just a couple fish, and i want to add a newt. i have filtration and light, but some sources say aloud they need land areas, and some say they don’t. so? do they? within the wild i’ve only ever seen…

What big-hearted of fish for a 5 gallon container?
The safest bet to have a good mini- aquarium.(No bettas or goldfish) I am a novice fish owner, and is looking for fish that aren’t that knotty to take care of.

What bits and pieces should I use for a fish container stand?
I am getting ready to build a fish tank stand. two tears but that is beside the point the sound out is what material, plywood(water proofed) or 1″ cutting board plastic, should I use for the base? and explain your answer please.

What body cog is this on my snail?
A few days ago, i went to pet smart and bought a black snaili don’t know much about them at all, i thought that you could in recent times sort of plop them in your tank [not literally], and they would feed on the dirty stuff within…

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