ostrich-birdIn a recent archaeological expedition, the scientists and archaeologists have discovered that ostriches might have originated from India. It seems that ostriches inhabited India about 25,000 years ago. They came to this conclusion after having conducted a genetic study by scientists from CCMB, IIT Roorkee, and other institutions on ostrich egg shells that were found in parts of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. The carbon dating method was used to find how old these fossils were. Though these birds are native to Africa, they have lived in India before they made Africa their home. There might be a solid reason how ostriches inhabited India before.

150 million years ago, the continental drifting of Gondwana happened. Gondwana was a continent that consisted of present day South America, Africa, India, Arab, Madagascar, and Antarctica. So, our conclusion is that ostriches were sparsely distributed across Gondwana and got even more separated when the super-continent broke up in the drift. Initially, they weren’t sure if this proved the origin of Ostriches in India, but it was later proved when they analyzed the mitochondrial DNA. The findings of the research have already been posted in several magazines and it is a proud moment for our Indian archaeologists and scientists. We wish them success on their future breakthroughs!


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