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Parrots are such wonderful creatures and so many people like to have parrots as pets. There are many different types of pets one can have, from dogs, cats, fish, horses, whatever, but parrots are still one of those beautifully exotic pets that people love to have.

How do you know your bird is a parrot?

Tongue: Parrots have distinct features that you will recognise when you look at your bird. They have a tongue which is quite fleshy and it is used for tasting, eating, swallowing and making sounds like the talking they often do.

Beak: Also, another distinctive feature of the parrot is the beak. The beak of the parrot is hooked in shape, is quite large in size and its make-up is hard and thick. In most cases the beak of the parrot is rounded. A parrot uses its beak for many things such as cracking nuts, shells on seeds, tearing off leaves or fruit, for pulling itself around on branches and climbing.

Eye: The upper and lower lid of the eye of the parrot is one continuous lid, forming a rounded opening for the eye and the eye is situated on the side of the head. He often does not blink but contracts his pupil at will, independent of the presence of light or dark.

Ears: The ears of the parrot are placed just above the eye and are under the feathers so they are not noticeable.

Feet: One very important feature of the parrot is its feet. The parrot has scaley feet with four toes, two of which face forward and two which face backwards. This gives the parrot the ability to get a good hold on his perch and hang on tight. He needs to be able to hold on tight because parrots often sleep on one foot and so they need to be able to get good balance with the other. Their feet are very strong and they pull themself up by their feet and some even hang upside down and they can do this because they are able to get a good hold onto whatever it is that they are hanging from.

Claws: Parrots also use their feet as hands, holding on to food with their toes and their strong hard claws. If you have parrots as pets you will see them holding on to nuts, corn, apples and other food you may give them as they peck away at it and chew bits off.

Parrot species.

There are many different types of species that people can have as pet parrots and a little research needs to take place to see which ones will be most suitable for the environment and lifestyle that the parrot owner wishes to have.

Owning a large parrot like a macaw is quite different to owning a small parrot like a budgerigar. Not only are their housing requirements different, but their personalities are different, their demands of your time are different and often the size of the bird will dictate the number of birds that you are able to care for.

One may find that if they want a larger bird like a macaw or a cockatoo they only have room for one bird, whereas with a smaller budgie, they might be able to keep several.

There are many features of the wonderful creatures that is worth finding out about if you want parrots as pets, as they have traits that make them really great companions.

Source by Kaye Dennan