Ever heard of the “hundred-leggers”? That’s how centipedes are called. These animals have inhabited almost every corner of the earth. But, how much do you know about them? You probably know they look lengthy and gross.


But, here are some amazing facts about centipedes you never knew!

1. Centipedes have poisonous claws/fangs. In fact, they are the only orthopods that have been gifted with this amazing ability to hunt their prey by using their claws. These claws are technically called forcipules.
2. Here’s the irony. Centipedes don’t have 100 legs and are still being called the “hundred-leggers”. Some centipedes have as less as only 15 pair of legs while others may even have up to 171 pairs of legs.
3. Even though centipedes are fully capable of scavenging, they are primarily predators. They can easily hunt insects. The larger species of centipedes are even capable of hunting small birds and frogs.
4. Centipedes live somewhat longer than other orthopods. Some even live up to more than 5 years.

5. Just like a lizard regenerates its tail if cut, a centipede can regenerate its legs if it loses it in a fight. Some can even generate an additional pair of legs!
6. While there are centipedes that do not care for their offsprings, there are others that actually do. So, it is confusing to decide if a centipede is caring or not.
7. Centipedes cannot survive without water and are prone to dehydration.

Amazing facts right?


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