These weasel-like creatures can be found in the continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Mongooses come in over 33 species and all of them can easily adapt to their surroundings which are either mostly dense forests or semi-aquatic areas, and thus, they are not endangered. Let’s see some facts about this animal!


1. Mongooses either have a striped coat or grayish/brown fur. Some of them even come with ringed tails!
2. A dwarf mongoose can reach a height of 10 inches while the largest mongoose, the white-tailed mongoose, can grow up to 30 inches!
mongoose3pic3. Mongooses are carnivore animals and rely on eggs, rodents, small birds, and frogs for their appetite.
4. Snakes are the biggest rivals of mongooses. Fortunately, mongooses are extremely fast and agile and thus end up defeating the snakes in most of the chases.
5. Mongooses have become immune to snake venom and thus, can survive with more than one snake-bite in a lifetime!
6. These lazy animals do not find time to dig a burrow on their own and end up living in abandoned ones.
7. Mongooses live in large groups called packs, but most of them are solitary animals.
8. Mongooses have sharp non-retractable claws that are used for fighting off predators. Their claws can always be seen.
9. Like other animals, mongooses produce alarm signals when they sense danger.
10. When a mongoose is ready to mate, it produces high pitched sounds nimalgiggles so as to inform the opposite sex that it’s ready!

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