These bloodsuckers are the closest relatives of earthworms and they come in over 650 different species. Usually found around marshy lands and rivers, you should easily freak out when you see one crawling around in your living room. These worms will probably be around when the temperature is too humid, or well, if you don’t clean your house regularly.


Let’s see some interesting facts about this bloody animal:

1. Only 1/5th of the leech population lives in the sea while the others have made forests their home.
2. Hirudo Medicinalis, most commonly known as the medicinal leech is popular for its use in medicine! But, due to water pollution and habitat loss, their number has significantly fallen and they’re listed as endangered species.
3. Most of the leeches are around 3 inches long.
4. They come in brown and black variants, and their body is composed of 34 segments.
5. Leeches can suck blood from either end of their body. Their teeth are so sharp that it can even penetrate the skin of a hippopotamus!

leech3 image
6. Leeches have 32 brains. Their neural system is much similar to humans and thus, they’re used in the study of brain disorders.
7. While most of the leeches stick to sucking blood, other feed on decaying plant and animal material.
8. A leech can store blood over 5 times its own body size! Gosh, they have a huge appetite.
9. Leeches can survive without food for over a year!
10. Leeches are hermaphrodites. They have both male and female reproductive organs!

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