It’s been a long time since we turned our subject to birds. Now, we’ll talk about the king of birds, the kingfisher, which I think is aptly named! It is a bird of elegance and gracefulness that is gifted by nature. Let’s see some wonderful facts about this wonderful bird!

1. There are about 87 species of kingfishers in this world. Only one out these 87 species breeds in Europe. It is called Alcedo Atthis.

2. The Australian kingfisher is the largest of all kingfishers. It weighs up to 500 grams.

3. Only river kingfishers eat fish. Other kingfishers do not even go near the waters unless the situation forces them to.

4. When they have to migrate, kingfishers can travel up to 3000 kilometers.

5. The winter season isn’t the best one for kingfishers as most of them perish in this time of the year. Kingfishers are summer birds with their appetite increasing by large margins in winter.

6. Kingfishers have a streamlined flying action and tend to fly at a constant pace when they’re not hunting.

7. Kingfishers live in burrows which are built by a pair. Its length varies from 3 to 8 feet.

8. Female kingfishers are more colorful when compared to the male ones.


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