The Sumatran Elephant is one of the three subspecies of elephants across Asia. They also play an important role in making the healthy forest ecosystem. They are social and love to share their natural habitat of Sumatra with Sumatran rhino, tiger, orangutan and other different species.

You can only find them in the Western Indonesian island of Sumatra. They are generally smaller than African elephants capable of eating up to 150 kg of vegetation in a day. They weigh between 4400 to 8800 pounds and enjoy a long life living up to 70 years. Sumatran females Elephants are usually smaller than males. They have tiny tusks on no tusks at all. The male counterparts are also not as long as those of other elephants.

But it is indeed an indictment on humanity when the” Sumatran Elephants status changed from” endangered” to “critically endangered”.

Here are main reasons behind Sumatran Elephant’s endangered status.

  1. Human Encroachment

We humans gradually encroach their natural habitat. We have our own reasons that we want development, construction of roads, bridges, timber, medicine, etc. That’s why we also need the forest. We set up our colonies, villas, parks, in the mid of jungle. This is obviously disturbing the peace of these critically endangered species.

  1. Poaching

Poaching of these Sumatran Elephants is also one of the reasons behind their decreasing population. Poachers kill them for their tusk. Their tusk is very useful for humans. Poachers sell their tusk illegally at soaring prices in the international market.

  1. Deforestation

Loads of deforestation for the sake of human development is shrinking the area of their natural habitat. They don’t have enough food or water resources left in the jungles. Making it difficult for them to quench their hunger and thirst. Ultimately they die because of the scarcity of food and water.

What can you do for them?

Dear Animal lovers if you want to protect these Sumatran Elephants from extinction then read this.

  1. Very first step you can take is to stop this human-elephant conflict. If humans will encroach their will be nothing left for the elephants. Try to lessen this conflict.

2. Raise your voice and make people aware of animal trading or poaching. It increases the money in the wallets of these traders but reduces the number of wild elephants.

  1. Become a part of wildlife protection movements fighting to protect forests. It is important to understand that without forests these critically endangered species can not survive.