Pythons are elegant, and in fact, scary animals. No one would dare to mess with them except daredevils. But then, there’s this ‘cute’, yes, cute python that may change your perception on this animal. If you are an avid texter, you’ll probably end up loving this animal too. This python was born with emojis on its body. Maybe, even animals are adapting to the trend? Who knows what we have in stock. Moreover, it looks exactly like the WhatsApp emojis! Yellow in color, with the eyes and mouth. YouTube user Justin Kobylka shared this video of this Lavender Albino Piebald Ball Python that was born with three smileys on its scales.

It is rare to see something cute and coincidental like this in the era of modernization. Surprisingly, most of the Piebald pythons are turning out to be like this. So, if you ever got any ideas of getting a pet that’ll always make you go RAD, I think you know how to get it! These reptiles literally wear emotions on their body. If you have any videos like this, you can send it to us! We’ll make sure to come up with an article for that one.

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