What is why so many people love dogs and if you are a fan of these animals? This is just a small story about dogs who are man best friends today. The dog is much different from other animals that live today only because the dog did so much closer to us and be our greatest friend.

Today there are many types on the planet and dogs do not know who is smarter and who is beautiful. Each dog is unique in its own way for his character and his appearance. There are a lot of dogs of different colors so you can see now that the dog is white, black, blue, yellow, green, brown, and many other colors.

Once it is in the world was only 200 thousand and the number it was 1873 years but until now so spread and grow them today has more than 80 million throughout the world. Today in the American States, there are many shops where you can buy everything you need for your pet. You can buy clothes, food and much more in stores that work in order to feed your pet or to make it beautiful.

Today the world is more than 1500 species of dogs are your one looks different from others. According to some recent research, dog is one of the 10 smartest animals that now exist on the planet. If you get a dog when he was very small when the star a few months it will be an opportunity to learn many things to you when you listened to grow, and how not made some problems.

There are some dogs who are very aggressive in nature but there are those dogs that are by their very nature izlgedu and calm. Before you get a dog think where you will store it and where he will live and do not let them sleep on the street because he will be living as we do.

Source by Bojan Jop