Dogs Dig

Dogs dig in the ground due to many reasons. It might be simply having fun. Even bred dogs dig and terriers are known to dig in the ground in search of prey.

Dogs get special attention almost everywhere as it is man’s best friend.Sometimes dogs dig in the ground for some reason and one should exclude the possibility of cats burrowed in the ground here. Dog licking is a form of body language. Getting a dog lick is far better feeling than getting a bite. A dog can be seen licking things all the time and it apparently looks harmless. Sometimes they can be seen licking unpleasant things especially those that smell bad.

Dogs Dig

According to experts, the reasons why dogs dig are to probe, to get rid of boredom, bury something and for cover. There may be other reasons why dogs dig. They dig to make holes for their pupas in the case of pregnant dogs, they dig to catch a mouse or other rodents that have holes in the ground. Stray dogs dig in the ground to run for cover. (Also Read:-Expressing Your Dogs Anal Glands)

However dogs mostly dig a hole simply to kill time. Dogs also dig holes to take shelter during warm days.  A grown-up dog regulates its body temperature just like when it was young so it needs to burrow into the ground to get cooled down. It’s in their nature to dig.

Licking is a habit of a dog’s life since the beginning. Some of the common reasons for licking are an expression of loyalty, expression of obedience, expression of attraction, cleaning and as a usual habit. A dog may be licking because of anxiety and fear which can be in those dogs that are not given to barking and instead of making noise; they lick things around to seek comfort. Besides this, one reason might be anxiety rooted in excitement.

Its lick is an equivalent to a kiss. When dogs like each other, they lick certain parts of their body to express the feeling. Mother dogs lick their pups to clean them. Grown up dogs clean themselves by licking their paws, hinds or any body part where their tongue can reach. If a dog is trained to lick, then it turns into a habit.

To stop a dog from digging, first, it needs to be known why the dog is digging a hole. To divert its attention, it can be taken out to the beach or somewhere it can run around and do its thing. Nothing encourages a dog more than the time a master spend with it. This will make it completely forget about digging.

If a pet dog is caught while digging, it should be discouraged from doing that by covering the hole with stones or cardboard. The dog must be given a feeling that it is not being liked while doing it. It will definitely take some time before it settles in its mind but it surely will and also with a bit of the master’s patience.

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Source by Tauqeer Ul Hassan