In the modern world of pet supplies, some of the things that are available for pets can almost seem comical. One of these is dog clothes. The availability of clothes for dogs is enormous. From a little tee shirt with a cute saying on it to the fully decked out dog ensemble that includes doggy footwear and jewelry, dog fashions are here to stay.

The variety of clothes that are available for our canine friends today are almost as numerous as the clothes that are available for people. Dogs are man’s best friend, and dog outfits are the way that some dog owners lavish love and affection on their pets. To some dog owners, their canine friend is a close family member, and clothes for their pet shows their love.

The first dog apparel we will look at is simple shirts and hats. These pet supplies are available with an almost limitless number of words or phrases on them. If the saying that is desired can not be found, there are businesses that specialize in custom made dog clothes to order.

Next lets examine the top of the line dog outfits. If your animal is one of a kind, there are doggy designers that will make custom outfits for your dog in any shape or style that you can imagine. There are also other options to custom designed dog wear. Some pet supply businesses make it a point to keep a wide variety of styles and sizes in dog clothing, from single sweaters to lavish Halloween costumes made specifically for dogs.

Dog footwear is another important piece of doggy fashion these days. The styles available to dog owners is enormous. Everything from slippers to tennis shoes to full scale winter boots has been manufactured for dogs. Some outfits come already complete with footwear that matches.

What about jewelry for dogs? This type of jewelry can range from a crystal studded necklace to a diamond studded collar. The price for this kind of jewelry for your pet can range from ten dollars to ten thousand dollars, depending on what you are willing to spend on your pet.

Not all dog clothes are about spoiling your pet. In some of the northern climates, dog clothes for smaller breeds of dogs will help keep the dog warm outside in the cold and snow. But no matter what the reason is for buying dog clothes, whether it is fashion or function, the wide availability of dog wear is sure to have something that is just right for your pet.

Source by Jim Brown