There are 5 main types of dog worms which heartworm, hookworm, whipworm, roundworm and tapeworm that can attack your dog and causes illness symptoms.

roundworm and hookworm are the zoonotic type that can transmitted to human so you as a dog owner must be really careful.

Dog worm symptoms

Below are the lists of common symptoms that can be clearly seen in infected dogs.

scruffy or dull coat
clear sign of weight loss
loss of appetite
pot-bellied appearance
mild to severe coughing
low energy level
gastrointestinal disturbances
bad breath
abdominal pain
bloody stools
high blood pressure
congestive heart failure


Most of dog worms cannot be seen by human eyes and required midical tests in order to detect the worms for example heartworm requires a blood test, whipworm and hookworm is very small and can only be seen by using a microscope while tapeworm and roundworm can be seen by human eyes by these internal parasites are rarely shown themself out of the host.

Dog worm prevention

Avoid your pet from having direct contact with feces when walking in the park. Direct contact with feces is the most common form of worm infestation.

Visit your veterinarian and do a regular stool testing. This can also prevent the spread of many other dog diseases including a great way to detect other hidden illness as well. Normally worm testing is recommended twice a year.

Keep your dog away from flea because it can spread tapeworms when come in contact.

Clean your dog living area as much as possible.

Do not let your dog near birds or dead rat because it can spread tapeworms that can go inside and attack your dog.

Source by John Teringharn