Have you ever had a next door neighbor who had a dog that constantly whined? A lot of dogs, especially if they are learning to be outdoor dogs, can really create stress for those around them by their incessant, loud whining.

Well, now it is your turn. You just discovered this adorable puppy and you have decided to make it part of your family; however, it will not stop whining. This time it is your next door neighbors who are starting to complain, and you do not know what to do. How do you train your new puppy to stop whining?

There are several different ways to stop dog whining, and some are more effective than others. In this article, we will focus on just two different ways to get your dog to stop whining. First we will introduce the use of an electrical device to help discourage your dog from whining. Second, the tried and true method of hands-on-training will be explored. Of course there are other ways to make your dog stop whining, and to stop many other behaviors, but we’ll focus on these two for now.

What about This Device

There seems to be an endless supply of gadgets and devices created for dogs, and pets in general. These devices are touted to solve most pet issues or problems. The electrical devices to help teach dogs not to whine or bark have actually been found to be effective. These devices can either be placed in a collar around the dogs’ neck, or be “stand alone units” so as to be able to place them in a location where the whining usually occurs.

Electrical sound devices are very humane and are recommended by most veterinarians because they do not harm the pet, nor have the potential of doing so. These devices should not be confused with shock collars which do have the potential of harming your pet and are not considered, by some, to be a humane way of training your dog.

The sound devices work by emitting a high pitched, unpleasant sound. Of course the sound is out of the range of human hearing, so you will not hear anything. A dog, though, has very sensitive ears and can hear sounds we cannot hear. The noise that is emitted from the device is only transmitted when the puppy or dog whines or barks. In order to avoid the unpleasant sound, your pet soon learns to shun the whining behavior you want him to stop.

Imagine if you were to hear a loud piercing squeal every time you ate junk food. Pretty soon you would probably stop eating junk food because you could not bear to hear that sound ever again. This is the general idea behind the devices that help train your dog to stop whining.

Do it the Old fashioned Way

If you’re not sure about the devices and you don’t like the idea of annoying your dog, or you’re fearful that the device will in fact hurt your dog, there are always other ways to go about making your dog stop whining.

The second way we will discuss to make your dog stop whining is to train him yourself and in person. This method requires you to be present whenever your dog starts to whine, or at least most of the time at first. When you hear the dog start whining, loudly tell it “NO”, or make a loud noise. An effective method of making a loud, sudden noise is to roll up a newspaper and slap it against a hard object.

Another method of creating a noise your puppy will not like is to put coins or rocks into steel or aluminum can. When the dog starts to whine, violently shake the can or throw it into the air so it lands near the dog.

Do this every time the dog whines and do it often. Remain consistent and pretty soon your dog will stop whining and you, and your neighbors, will have the peace you desperately deserve.

An obvious word of caution for both of these training methods is to never hit your pet. Negative reinforcement, such as hitting your dog, often takes longer to produce the desired results and can have lasting negative consequences as well as not being safe for your pet.

Source by Thomas Toleman