Dogs are a very friendly creature and they love relationship. But we human most times think that our pets are not worth our time. You can make your dog whatever you want to him/her only if you have little time to give to your puppy daily. While some people live with their own pets like a stranger, some other people live with their pets like their son or daughter.

The only difference between your relationship with your pet and the other person’s is just the understanding or communication line between you and your pet.

You can improve the communication between you and your pet today. You can make your dog or cat hear you and you can make your dog talk to you. Dogs are very intelligent animals that are very flexible and open to learning.

You do not need to take your puppy to a trainer to teach your dog, you can do that by your self. You can teach him/her the best language to communicate with. All you need to teach your puppy in your own language is just a basic knowledge of what dog training is all about.

All you need to get the primary knowledge of dog training is to search online for a training book or DVD. Although it might cost you some money I think it is really worth it to build the best relationship with you and your pet.

The advantage of training your dog by your self is that your dog will not be restricted to default language like fetch, come, go or whatever ever. You can teach your dog your chosen language.

Source by Johnson Ettuhu