It’s true, pets are not just for Christmas. Like children, they need plenty of love, care and attention from their owners. Especially when it comes to mans best friend, the dog. I just didn’t realise the extend I had to go to until I got my Labrador puppy, named Max. He scratched my living room floor. The moment he came into the house, the laminated hardwood flooring was scratched from his paws.  What am I going to do? This is no good. I can’t take him back to the pet store now. I can get away with it as it is, but the floor needs to be sorted before he comes back inside with us. I’ll have to change the flooring if I can’t repair it. Now what would be the best solution in this situation? Wooden flooring is obviously not an option, as I’d be back to square 1. Getting a fitted carpet in will take time and cost – there’s the carpet plus getting a fitter in. I got in the car and ran down to the local flooring store.

One of the best decisions I made. The assistant in the store recommended to me carpet tiles for several reasons;

  • Quick and easy to lay
  • Cost effective, and no underlay needed
  • Can easily be replaced when my dog makes a mess or ruins a tile.
  • They can be laid over my existing wooden flooring, so I can revert back to that at a later date if I wish.

So I leave the store with all 80 nicely fit in the boot of the car. Once back in the room looking at the new carpet tiles. I put one tile down, then another, and another….. Now within 10 min the whole floor was laid, with just the border tiles that needed cutting to get a perfect fit. I probably laid the whole room in about 1 hour. Now that shows how simple it is, as I’m no flooring expert.

Now the dog can do as he pleases in the room. I’ve certainly learnt you should prepare for the arrival of any pet, when it come to your home decor. Especially when they are left alone in at home for hours when you’re out – maybe at work. Make sure your dog has toys to play with when you are out, and it will help prevent them chewing something they shouldn’t be such as your new couch.

Source by Dean Parker