Dog Biting BehaviourNearly all puppies and dogs are sweet, loving, friendly, gorgeous and magnificent most of the time. Also it depends on training of your puppy and/or dog that what is tolerable and what can’t be tolerated. Usually the dog bites on rear occasions, now what went wrong? To clarify, here are some causes of dog biting and how to prevent your dog from biting.

To begin with, your puppy should require learning to hold back bite by the age of 4 months. Generally, the puppy acquires this knowledge from family, friends and other affiliates of the pack. However, most of the time human’s obstruct this natural process and separated them from their family long before the age of 4 months. So, only the training left with us to prevent their biting habit.

Socializing is the key; if your puppy allowed mingling with other puppies as well as with trained dogs he/she can start learning the process again. When play, they bite each other and this way they learn to slow down their biting. Play proved to be the best teacher for them as this way they know the reaction of other dogs and consequences of biting. Lack of socialization is one of the most important causes of dog bite; it mostly demonstrated by their fearful or violent deeds and it is the major reason of “child biting” as well.

There are lots of other motives your puppy force to bite and training is the best way to avoid them. Trust and respect are the most crucial aspects of behavior every dog should have to learn and understand. In case your puppy/dog doesn’t have a trust on you, there isn’t any rationale why he ought to respect you. So, be affectionate with your pet that behavior helps build relationship of trust and respect in-between both of you.

“Avoid hitting your puppy” is the best practice to retain your puppies’ confidence in you. Even abused dogs also love their owners, as it’s a unique and superb feature of dog’s nature that shows their unconditional adore for their owners. Though you don’t really have to do something extraordinary to gain your pet’s affection, however, to gain your puppies trust and respect you should have to do something special. So don’t hit, slap or kick your puppy even at training sessions, and in case of any accident as well, the two  most common causes of punishment of the pets.


Only warning cannot stop biting. Remember, the biting will get worse if the relation of respect did not exist, if you perform like an animal, the puppy will respond like an animal as well. Without trust the dog may bite you either for fear or for short of a confidence. During the training if you allow the puppy to bite even occasionally, then you can’t able to stop biting eventually.

The majority of owners trying to avoid bite when it was too late, as they were entirely not ready when bite happens, this unawareness will making the dilemma even worse. Therefore always try your best to train your puppy to avoid any biting occurrence.    

Source by Jibran Ahmed