Dogs are wonderful companions for almost every type of person. They cheer you up with their antics, they try to comfort you when you’re down and they are the best protectors one could ever ask for. Although some are a bit mischievous, you can not help but love them and cherish them.

But dogs are not all peaches and cream, you know. They do not always have the way you want them to. That is why it is important to know the unwanted side of dogs first before thinking of purchasing one or taking care of one.

Inside the House:

When not house trained or housebroken, as dog trainers call it, dogs can wreak havoc on your homes. They pee on everything, they can soil your rugs and couches and, the worst thing of all is they poop on the floor and leave you to clean up after them. Some dogs chew on furniture, some chew your precious leather bags and shoes, some pee on your books and important papers, and others eat up your child’s assignments-this excuse is sometimes true, you know! Other dogs with long furs can shed them on your clothes, the couch, the bed and even the rugs. These can cause problems like allergic reactions in some people. Having dog fur all over your sofa also is not a pretty sight, right?

To help eliminate problems inside the house, it is important that you house train your dog first before allowing him to roam around the house. You can enroll your dog in a dog training facility, or you can read up on the internet some tips on how to break your dog. Make sure that you and other family members know how to train the dog around the house. This helps eliminate confusing the dog on the rules of training and will make things easier for him. The important thing to house training is to be firm, kind and consistent.

Outside the House:

Some dogs are just too bored when cooped up all day in the backyard. They long to go out and explore the world, aka your neighborhood. They long to run free and run as long as they want. Nothing is more enjoyable to a dog than an uncontrolled run around the vicinity. This is another unwanted side of the dog outside the house-his innate need to roam around the neighborhood and chase after cars, bicycles and other vehicles. This unwanted character poses danger to your dog, your neighborhood and ever to yourself.

To counter the dog’s roaming, make sure that he never runs out of things to do in the backyard. You can invest in toys to keep him interested. Fencing your backyard is also an alternative.

One thing is for sure, though. No matter what type of dog you have, it’s a sure thing that you would love it even though it might not be housetrained yet or has a tendency to roam. The undesired characteristics can easily be dealing with, believe me.

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