Wild birds who visit your backyards may be one, two or many species represented. Mostly, this depends on the area you live in. If you have a lot of shrubs, hedges, trees and flowers, you will probably attract a lot of birds. Also if you live near a golf course or an abandoned lot.

In our cities and towns, there are usually a lot of seed-eating birds such as sparrows and finches. These birds are active early in the morning and again around dusk. Hummingbirds are different, they may come back several times a day to feed. During nesting season, birds with babies will be seen flying back and forth to their nest several times a day.

Birds will also be a frequent visitor if you have some form of water in which they can bathe. They need to bathe often to clean their feathers of dust and also insects and other things that attach to them. They have to keep their wings in good shape for their daily travels.

Certain times of the year brings different actions from the birds. In nesting season, male songbirds will sing for the females. In the fall and again in the spring you will see different species of birds migrating. As they pass through your area, you may observe several species of birds that you have not seen before and may never see again.

Take time to observe and know your wild birds so that you may give them the shelter and food that each species needs to survive. You will have a pleasurable experience if you do.

Source by Rose Puff