What to feed your dog and when is one of the most important questions that pet owners face every day throughout the world.  The answer isn’t as simple as you think because it really depends on the breed and your dog’s individual condition.  There are a number of strategies out there that may or may not work for your dog.  This article will discuss some of the different feeding strategies and also what to avoid when it comes to feeding dogs.

One of the most basic feeding strategies is one that the majority of pet owners have adopted and that is to fill the bowl and let it sit out for the dog to consume at his or her leisure.  This may be more convenient for the owner, but may not be the best suitable solution for the dog because since the food is readily accessible throughout the day, it may encourage overeating.  Also, by leaving the food to sit out all day long, you are exposing it to any bacteria and any other harmful things that may be able to contaminate your dog’s food source.  This could lead to other resulting health issues.

Another feeding strategy for dogs is to feed the dog the total daily amount of food at one sitting.  This requires the pet owner to measure out the dog’s daily food serving at the same general time each day.  This ensures that the dog is only eating so much at one time.  This is preferred over the previously mentioned method because it sets a boundary on how much food the dog is consuming in one sitting and does not allow for overeating.  This type of feeding strategy is a little more time consuming however and requires more effort on the owners part.

The final feeding strategy involves even more effort on the owners part but may be one of the more beneficial feeding strategies for the dog.  This strategy involves splitting the dog’s daily food amount up into two or more servings and then serving those amounts throughout the day at scheduled times.  This is beneficial for the dog for a couple reasons.  One, it prevents overeating, and two, it helps the dog in digesting the food that it eats because the dog is able to digest the smaller amounts faster and in a more timely manner.

Feeding your dog properly is very important to a dog’s health and is not a matter to be taken lightly.  Hopefully, you’ve gained a little insight from this article and will be willing change your dog’s feeding strategy if you think that a change is needed.

Source by Matt LeClair