Is the Boston Terrier the dog for you? To answer this question, you can do a little research in the Internet about what this particular handsome breed is like. Next, try to get in touch with a Boston Terrier Club nearest you in order to meet people who own the breed.

Here are some points you can think about in order to know if the Boston Terrier is indeed the best investment you can have:

1) the inherited or acquired physical problems this dog breed may have. A responsible owner must be ready to take care of a sick dog, and in odd cases a Boston owner may have to spend more than usual to treat an especially serious illness.

2) the grooming and general care requirements of the breed. You will need to make up your mind who would be responsible for the grooming needs of the dog.

3) dog’s lifespan. A Boston can live up to 12 years.

4) temperamental issues. Bostons are generally sweet tempered dogs, but their mental health is capable of varying from line to line and among individuals. Indeed, some may be aggressive toward strange dogs. Some bark too much, others only when really needed. Some Boston Terriers are very cuddly, while others are more independent.

5) training. Bostons are not for those looking for a cute dog that performs tricks. With enough knowledge however, and proper handling and patience, these dogs can be taught to obey commands and even participate in obedience trials. It may be useful though, for you to interview some Boston owners to see just exactly how much determination and patience it takes to start a Boston Terrier training.

6) care and maintenance. Honestly, not everyone can produce the time nor the willingness that they promised to lavish earlier on the dog. Children especially belong to this aforementioned group. Without question, at least one person will have to commit to putting in the necessary time every day to properly take care of the pet. A sad Boston can be one messy Boston!

7) care for the dog in general. A responsible dog owner needs to brush up on house-training techniques and will want to really ensure that a puppy, no matter how cute, learns about its proper place in the family pack.

Let’s turn now to other important ideas for you to really be a savvy Boston Terrier owner. Did you know that Bostons enjoyed having another one for companionship? Nevertheless, one for a small household may be enough. Some Bostons wheeze and snore, and may also develop gas problems. Lastly, the coat may look short enough not to need a big fuss, but it will at most need only an occasional brushing to get rid of dead hairs that other will litter the home.

Good luck in your hunt for the best Boston Terrier out there!

Source by Richard Cussons