Old School Crappie Fishing Family Secrets

Techniques For Crappie Artificial Baits

You will want to follow these simple steps to increase consistency whenever you go crappie fishing.Once you learn what you need to do in different water conditions you may never go back to using live bait again. Please refer to the guidelines below these are some of the oldest crappie fishing secrets and have been handed down from father to son for years.

Guideline#1 You need to determine the water condition of the body of water you intend to fish. This simple observation will determine what kind of crappie fishing jig you will need to use.

#1.a If you can see 3-4 feet down into the water , it’s clear and you want to use dark colored crappie fishing jigs. Crappie can see very well in clear water so you need to spice up the movement of your jig in these water conditions. You need to “entice” the crappie to hit your crappie fishing jig.

#1.b if the water color is darker and you can’t see 3-4 feet below the surface use a lighter colored lure so the the crappie can see it. make sure you ad this tip to your artificial crappie baits usage list.

#1.c Real dark and murky water means use some “flash” to make your crappie jig look like a minnow. Tie a 1/2 inch to 1 inch blade above the crappie fishing jig.

Guideline#2 Use a “slip bobber”. The “slipping action makes sure the bobber doesn’t come out of the water when you are jigging. this is a little used crappie fishing secret form the past.

Guideline#3 place a small “split shot sinker” right above your slip bobber, this will control the depth of your crappie fishing jig. Try to work the 4-8 foot range by readjusting the “spit shot” so that the crappie fishing jig is at different depths. Do this until you find the depth that hits.

Guideline#4 “Pop” or jerk your slip bobber so it makes a 3 to 4 inch movement through the water, make sure you do this gently.

Guideline#5 If You are not catching any fish between 4 to 8ft you will need to change your depth range. It the water is cold you will need to adjust your range deeper, it the water is warmer you need to adjust your range above 4ft to within a foot of the surface. A crappie fishing secret you need to keep in your crappie artificial baits arsenal is crappie will seek shallow water when the water warms, and as the water cools they go deeper.

Well, I hope the guidelines help you improve your crappie jigging success in the future, good luck and good day!

Source by Mark Fleagle