You wouldn’t believe if we told you that male crabs use their claws to attract the female ones. The point is, they have oversized limbs. They use this to promulgate their physical fitness. Moreover, the larger the claw, the larger their home will be, as they can dig much deeper than their competitors. These crabs are called the Banana Fiddlers. The male banana fiddler is called a dating expert because of this reason. Belonging to the species of Uca mjoebergi, these crabs have extremely small body, but 2 enormous claw. This is used to proclaim dominance and also used in fighting their predators off. But, primarily, it seems to be used for dating! This was found recently by the scientists.

The study showed us how a male banana fiddler attracts the female by waving its contrastly colored claw in the air. Yes, they’ve got colored claws. After this is done and dusted, they drum their claws on the ground to create a series of rapid vibrations. The study revealed that the ones that drummed for longer time had bigger burrows and homes, and eventually, higher physical strength. It is so astonishing to see how detailed the life of such a tiny animal can be. Evolution spared none and it definitely made these crabs the dating experts over time. Stay tuned for more!

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