Dogs and wolves have a lot in common especially with regards to behavior in a group. The leader of such a group is referred to as ‘Alpha Dog’. This trait can be dangerous at times and needs correction by the owner on spotting such a trend in the pet’s behavior.

The alpha dog will literally control the timing and willingness of all the activities needed to be done by the group like eating, resting, playing and so on. This can get difficult for the owner who might need compliance for instructions which might not get followed up. This will need immediate correction to assert the position of the owner as the person to decide about all that needs to be done.

If this behavior of a self-styled leader in not nipped at the bud, it can only spell trouble for the owner. Dogs are extremely sensitive and quickly catch a shaky owner and take over the reins of leading the pack on their own.

Some ways to correct this behavior are:

• Do not tolerate growling which is a sign of dominance.
• Always lead the dogs for an outing and not vice-versa.
• Feed the dogs after finishing your meal. The leader gets to eat first.
• Always keep the dogs away from occupying the couch or bed with you.
• Encourage the dog to sit independently in a car seat.

One should discourage pawing or jumping, and train the dog to live independently to avoid building up of aggression. After training, one will get a loving but obedient dog for a pet.

Source by Kum Martin