Let us start with a mind blowing fact! These animals overtake the population of humans in Australia. I bet you wouldn’t have guessed if not for the title. We are dealing with kangaroos here. But, how many of you knew this fact? These social animals are the national symbol and animal of Australia and they even appear on coins and aeroplanes.

1. Kangaroos are herbivores. They do not eat meat.

2. Larger species of kangaroos live from 12-18 years, while the rat kangaroos do not fare much thus limiting their lifespan to a maximum for a maximum of 8 years.

3. Rat-kangaroos are about 28 cms long while the others are 165 cms long.

4. Though their native is Australia, they can also be found in New Guinea, Hawaii, and New Zealand.

5. Baby kangaroos are called Joey.

6. Female kangaroos have the ability to determine the gender of the foetus. If the environment is not likely to support the growth of the baby, she can even bring about a delay in the gestation period.

7. Kangaroos are sound listeners. They can move their ears in different directions without having to move their head.

8. They are social animals. They have a minimum of 3-4 people other kangaroos in a group called mob, and may have 100’s of them as well.
9. These animals do not walk. They hop around instead. When a kangaroo stomps the ground, it means that it has sensed danger and is sending an alert to others.

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