Say Hello to the ones of the largest mammals on the planet. Not just in size, but also in how much its brain weighs. Yes, elephants have the largest brains of all land mammals. With their long tusks, they are by far, the most majestic animals on land. Let’s look at some facts about elephants.

1. An elephant’s brain weighs over 5 kgs. Though it is similar to the structure of a human brain, it can’t do everything a human brain can do. The brain development is same for both humans and elephants. They become more mature with age.

2. Elephants can remember a lot. From locating water-holes on a map to finding green lushy areas, there’s nothing an elephant can’t do.

3. Elephants can recognize themselves by looking at a mirror. Not all animals can do that. In fact, only a few can.

4. Elephants purr as a sign of communication, just like cats do.

5. Just like humans, elephants also cry, laugh, and have amazing memories.

6. Elephants can show empathy for other creatures.

7. Fun fact: Elephant is the only mammal that can’t jump.

8. Elephants have the longest gestation periods of around 22 months.

9. New-born calves themselves weigh over 90 kgs bearing a height of approximately 3 feet.

10. An elephant trunk is composed of over 40,000 muscles.

Hope you enjoyed these facts. We’ll be back for soon.