Conditioning and dog training is very important if you plan to have a pet at home. To start with, you have to do some preparations for storing some doggy food and training tools to help you. You also need to make modifications depending on the age of your pet.

You need to buy some doggie treats something that dogs love to eat. Take your dog to a secluded and secure place where there will be no or minimal distraction. For dogs who are sensible eaters, you should perform this exercise before lunch or dinnertime.

Begin your training by holding a treat in your hand and get your dogs attention. Once you have his complete attention reward him with a click sound using a clicker. Immediately with the sound of the click, let your dog have one of the treats. Then again, you can make use of a small word like ‘Ok’ in crisp and positive manner. The simple explanation for this is that you are conditioning your dog to correlate the ‘click’ sound or ‘Ok’ with reward. Keep repeating this procedure until your dog’s expectation is apparent. His ears will prick or he will startle and stir a little at each sound of a click. You need to remember that the reward and sound should be just split second apart for him to develop the association.

After achieving the desired result of this exercise stop giving him treats and stop clicking. Actually, just ignore him for a few moments. Normally, he will continue to be attentive but you need to resist any urge to get his attention until he starts looking away. Once he turns his head away just click once more, without doubt, you will again have his full attention, end this exercise on a positive note by rewarding him his treat. Pat him affectionately and reward him with his meal.

Apparently, you have conditioned your dog to associate a click sound with a reward. This is the necessary the first stage of training your pet. This conditioning will help you to teach your dogs to listen and follow your commands and a way of communicating with him. With the basis of being able to associate the click with a reward, you can move forward to simple commands like ‘sit’ and ‘stay’, and ‘come’ and with each correct response to a command reward him a treat. This second phase helps him associate a correct response to a command with reward.

You may start thinking that your dog is becoming conditioned to the click sound because he is hungry but this classic conditioning training to the clicker does not require to be performed only when the dog is hungry. It is very rare that a dog or a pet is not interested in getting a treat sometimes other than when he is hungry. The treat you are using need not be his regular food. It is same as offering a chocolate to your kid when he does something good but remembers human chocolates are toxic to dogs. You can always try those high-value food treats that you can find at a good pet shop.

Source by Richard Conrad