Nowadays, the coolest animal that you can ever have as a pet is a Sugar Glider. This cute and cuddly pet will be surely loved by the kids, also by your family. You can surely be proud having this cute pet.

This exotic animal, like most people, can be very nice to others if they have been treated well. Feeding it with right food at the right time can surely make it so nice. Treating it right, you can feel their appreciation on the form of their behavior. This is one great characteristics of sugar gliders have that you cannot find on other exotic pets. This small cute marsupial does not eat much, but they have special diet to maintain their healthy life style. Pet owners should include some particular foods on their diet.

Petaurus briceps is the scientific name of this small arboreal marsupial that can be mostly found in the native forest of Australia, New Guinea, including the state islands of Indonesia and Tasmania. Members of the same type of family are the kangaroos, opossums, wombats and Tasmanian devils.

One common characteristic of Sugar gliders can be easily recognized by the extra ordinary thickness of their grayish soft mink that resemble the hair and posses black stripe throughout the body that is inline with their spine. The black stripe is located from the heartht to the tail. Here are some things that you will need to know about the characteristics of sugar gliders.

* The face and the legs of this animal have a dramatic black shades.

* The width of their body is equal to the length of the tail, which commonly measures five to six inches.

* Adult Sugar Glider weighs about four to six ounces, however, males can exceed this proximity because they are much bigger than the female.

* Sugar Glider, like many other marsupials, they also have the pouch were they carry their young’s, that are commonly know as the Joey’s

* In the natural habitat, they are tree dwelling and mostly living in a herd, which is composed of fifteen to thirty members.

* This exotic animal are nocturnal that mainly feed on small vertebrates like insects and plants such as the acacia tree, eucalyptus and the gum tree.

* Sugar gliders can be compared to the flying squirrel because they glide themselves above up to a hundred feet. They glide using their membrane, which is called the patagium and by using their tail, the direction can be control while on the air.

* They posses opposable fingers and toes and the male has a forked penis.

* Their ear moves frequently in other for them to hear even the smallest sounds.

* Ears of this animal are hairless, large and thin.

* Sugar Gliders individually have unique scents that are been recognized by other Sugar Glider. The scent gland of the male is located on the head that appear like a diamond while on the female it is located near the pouch.

Source by Joel Ashton