You may want to consider having pets at home but do not want to go for the usual common animals but exotic type ones. If you want to stay healthy and avoid having stress in your life taking care of cute pets can relieve you hose stress away. Chinchilla keeping is probably one of the least known activity to pet owners. Chinchillas are small rodents available in unique colors to choose from. They are so cute and cuddly because of their thick furs that are great in demand for making coats. What is the basic information about these rodents?

How do they clean themselves?
Chinchillas have a special way of cleaning themselves by means of rolling on volcanic ash. They enjoy so much bathing on volcanic ash to make their coats look fuller and cleaner. However, these rodents are not allowed to get wet in water because it can dry them up with their natural body oils. Chinchilla Dust Bath is specifically designed for your pet chinchillas to clean their furs without drying the natural oil off their bodies. Dust bath may give at least twice a day.

What is the right cage to keep your chinchillas?
Chinchilla keeping is a difficult hobby if you do not have the necessary information about their needs. Basically, they need a conducive home to settle in. Choosing the right chinchilla cage is very important if you want to keep them longer. It is advised to build a larger, wider cage for them to move around freely and joyfully. The wire cage is the most appropriate cage material for your pet chinchillas. Place the cage in a quiet separate place away from human disturbances to make your chinchillas comfortable staying with their cage.

What food is best for your pet chinchillas?
Chinchillas like any other pets need certain types of food to stay healthy all throughout. Changing of foods is not advisable because they have very sensitive digest organ. A carefully chosen chinchilla pellets are advisable to mix with their usual fresh hay supply during the day. Give them as much as fresh hay during the day one in the morning and one in the afternoon. You can also give them treat once in a while in small amounts. It is not good for them also eating so many sweets. Raisin is the most liked treat for chinchillas.

Chinchillas need play time too
Chinchillas like any other rodents love to move around, running and playing especially during night time. They are considered as nocturnal animals meaning they are most active and moving at night time. Bigger and wider cage is really appropriate for chinchillas to play freely. The chinchilla cage should have necessary partitions for them to climb and run. They must be allowed to play outside their cage also with close supervision. At least a dour daily of supervised fun outside of the cage can make your pets happy. Check on some poisonous things inside the cage and put them away for them might chew on them. Rodents love to chew on almost anything they see and touch.

Chinchilla keeping is a worthwhile hobby that you can do at home. Unfortunately, not everyone can become an effective pet owner because these pets require a certain level of expertise that you should know so that your pet chinchillas will live longer and healthier. Knowing the right chinchilla information must be done first before picking which color of chinchilla pets you want to have.

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Source by Kevin Gators Johnson