Does it matter what type of catfish fishing pole you are using? Some may tell you no, but that depends on your skill, your location and the fish you are after. The fact is, there are benefits of several types available to you when you take advantage of the right fishing pole. A pole designed for catfish is designed to give you the best results possible. Here’s what you need to know.

There are a wide variety of rods with which you may catch catfish very effectively. The choices should be based on factors such as cost, where you will be fishing, your size and capabilities, personal preference, and how much you will be using your pole. Anything from your classic cane pole to sophisticated and expensive rod and reel outfits may be used to fish for catfish.

Fishing poles are classically made of fiberglass or bamboo, but some really great poles have recently been made of graphite. Bamboo rods may be superb hand made fly fishing rods, simple cane poles without reels, or anything in between. Fiberglass poles are very popular with most novice fishermen. They are comparatively low cost, they require very little upkeep, and they are not easily broken.

They are probably the most popular type of fishing pole available, especially for the novice. Graphite has become an exceptionally popular pole. The biggest selling point for graphite is that it is so strong that it rarely breaks. It requires next to no maintenance, and it is very light.

It is largely a matter of personal preference, but if you are armed with a few suggestions and a little bit of information, you will be one very big step closer to choosing the pole that is right for you, and will provide a quality catfishing experience for you.

Sturdy rods that are shorter in length are usually used for trolling and bigger fish. Longer poles are helpful if you need to cast your line longer distances. Be sure you can handle the size of rod you choose, because if your rod is too long for you to be comfortable when you handle it, you will tire, and your fishing experience will not be satisfying. Since catfish tend to be large, if you only intend to have one pole, opt for a shorter, sturdier rod.

Some really popular poles with which to catch catfish are Shakespeare Ugly sticks, which are extremely popular and come in a variety of styles and sizes. For fishing the bank, Catfish getters are state of the art. Made of fiberglass, this new lightweight pole comes with line, sinker, swivel, and hook. They are specially designed to stick the end of the pole into the ground or affix to trees or logs, and fishing is a snap! These poles are not only light weight, they are quite visible even at night!

Another quality pole that deserves to be mentioned by name is the Quantum Big Cat. Anytime you are out to catch large fish, be it cat or any other type, or if you are fishing in rivers with strong currents, these big cat rods really do a great job. Big Cats are available in three different types. There is a heavy, a medium heavy, and a medium strength.

Each one of these is seven and a half feet long. They all have cork handles and many other amenities including the fact that they are sturdy enough to handle really big fish and saltwater. These catfish worthy rods are surely among the most well respected rods on the market, and they are priced quite nicely at about $40 each. For spin anglers, there is even a spinning type of Big Cat available!

Source by Daniel Eggertsen