I am sure that many of you reading this are animal lovers, not just dog lovers. Although I do prefer dogs over any other animal, I do enjoy having a cat around. Recently my wife, Jennifer and my daughter, Madison and I went to the local SPCA with the idea to adopt a small dog. Unfortunately our local SPCA didn’t have any small dogs available. We had all ready adopted two other large dogs and felt that adding another large breed dog to our house would not be a good idea.

We were about to leave when Madison who is 6 going on sixteen, spotted the cat adoption area. Well, of course we had to go take a look. Both, my daughter and my wife fell in love with a one year old long haired black and tan that had such a big head and eyes to match that she reminds you of an owl. The SPCA volunteers affectionately named her “Mousey”.

In the back of my mind I was thinking, “I know I have trained our dogs well and they have been properly socialized, but how are they going to react to having a cat in the house?”

We spent about 30 minutes playing with Mousey in the cat viewing area and I have to admit, I to fell in love with her also. So, we took her home.

Jennifer and I decided that since we live in a two story house and the dogs are not allowed on the second floor, we would set up Mousey’s new home upstairs in our room. After she spent about a day under our bed, Mousey quickly warmed up to her new home. She explored every inch of our bedroom, including the top self of our walk in closet, which requires about a 6 foot leap. (I forgot how high a cat can jump, very impressive!)

This would be a good time to let you know that I work from home. So, I am always there to supervise a proper introduction to our dogs if and when Mousey was up to it.

After about four days, Mousey decided it was time to venture down to the main floor of the house. Sarah our 5 year black lab was very excited to meet Mousey, while Keysha our 8 year old Beagle could care less. Mousey’s first sight of Sarah caused her to jet right back up stairs not to return for several days.

Mousey (a very social cat compared to other cats I have been exposed to) felt compelled to come down every afternoon my three kids would come home from school. After about a week of this behavior, Sarah and Mousey got their chance to get the proper introduction with my supervision. Sarah’s curiosity has been settled and Mousey now knows there is nothing to fear.

The moral of my story is: if you provide the proper training and a save place for your animals to live, you will be pleasantly surprised at the harmony even mortal enemies can experience. As I finish writing this article, Sarah and Mousey are snuggled up together in the kitchen sharing the warming glow of the early afternoon sun shining though the sliding glass door.

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Source by Matthew Closson