Dogs are man’s best friend. Over the years, they have been known for their love and loyalty towards their owners or human family. But just like any other best friends, however, there are also times that these animals become pissed off or angry; it is during these times that dogs become dangerous or aggressive. These aggressions sometimes lead to worse outcomes such as dog bites and even fatalities.
There have been so many reports and studies on injuries and deaths caused by dog attacks. These reports have caused parents who have children with pets to be worried sick about their children’s welfare. It’s a good thing though that first aid tips are furnished so that the next time you or your kids are bitten by your very pet, you would know what to do. There are also reports and studies that come with an account of which breed of dogs bites more often.

The breeds which are considered to bite more often are pit bull, Rottweiler, Akita, Chow-Chow, German shepherds, Huskies and Malamutes. The first two on the list are said to have caused 67% of the 300 dog-related deaths that were recorded from 1979 to 1998. Given the list, the best thing that parents could probably do is to avoid buying these kinds of dogs. Or, if you are a kid is such a dog lover and could never live without a pet; try not to leave them alone with these dogs at home.

Another way to avoid canine-inflicted cases is to understand the nature of dogs’ aggressive behavior. All dogs have the potential to bite not just strangers but also their owners but they do not feel angry or bite without any reasons. There are in fact some reasons for or causes of dog’s aggressive behavior that were pinpointed by some studies and it would be better if parents or any dog owner would take note of them.  According to these studies, dogs’ anger or aggression are caused by different aggravation, like disturbing the dog while it is resting, taking something from it, approaching quickly when it is afraid or hurt. It has also been discovered that even the most docile dogs could turn violent when they are placed in a pack, thus, pack mentality or having so many pets in the house has to be avoided. Furthermore, it is believed that male dogs bite more often than females, however, upon giving birth; the female ones have the tendency to have maternal aggression so any owner has to be watchful when cuddling their newborns. They are as protective to their puppies as human mothers are to her kids.

Until now, it is still not clear as to whether the mentioned breeds are indeed more violent than others. There has not been any scientific or genetic report that has proven that. However, no matter what breed you have, canine-related accidents could be avoided through responsible ownership. Advocates of animal rights have also advised that proper training and nurturing could likely prevent canine-inflicted homicides from rocketing.

Source by Kevin Heathfield