The Boxer breed is a fantastic dog that often has a mistaken perception as being a fussy and slightly skittish animal. In fact this is far from the truth, by nature they need a great amount of attention and love and without this they become skittish. Indeed, if you lead a very active lifestyle that means you will have to spend a lot of time away from the home then you are probably wise not to get a Boxer dog.

Having said that, if you do decide to get a Boxer then here are some facts about Boxer dogs. It will start by helping you select the best boxer puppy for your family.

Do your research before selecting an individual puppy or a litter to select from. Some common wisdom before making a selection is to view the parents of the litter first. This will give you an some pointers on the temperament and behavior of the parents and an indication of how the puppies may grow up to behave.

It is also a good idea to find a boxer from a non commercial breeder who does it for the love of it rather than to make money. This means the dogs are likely to be well cared for and be more sociable.

According to the American Kennel Club the Boxer breed is in the top ten of purebred dogs in terms of popularity. They are a medium sized dog that are energetic and very inquisitive. Consequently they will require more attention and cost more than a small toy breed of dog.

Food costs and other expenses like treats and toys will be more for a Boxer than many other breeds. Although being a short haired dog you will not need to do much grooming. For some strange reason they are not keen on water either so that will make bathing a lot of fun !

Boxers are noted for being very social animals. They love living in a family unit and crave attention and affection. You should strive to keep them active and busy. Left alone they will become bored and lonely. This can lead to bad behavioral habits and quite destructive tendencies.

Space is important to a Boxer dog. It is not practical to keep a dog such a this in an apartment. It needs a home with an ample backyard where it can run around and tire itself out. You can plant dog treats in areas of the yard so that your pet will rummage around and be kept active. Get it lots of toys to keep it busy too. Boxers will spend many hours ragging toys and this fits their nature perfectly.

The Excessive energy levels of your boxer may make it harder to obedience train. They will lose focus quickly, consequently positive reinforcement training where you are catching the dogs attention is the best training method.

Start the training early, when they are puppies. This includes socializing them with other family members and animals. A well adjusted dog is generally happier and more open to training methods.

Given their exuberant nature you may want to make the environment where the dog is trained quiet and distraction free. Thus your pet may not be the best pupil in a group obedience training class with lots of other pooches to distract it. Obedience training is a big task when it comes to any dog, let alone a Boxer but it is certainly worth making this commitment. They are an intelligent animal and love the close relationship with their owner that obedience training requires.

Source by Adrian Whittle