One of the most enthralling adventure activities is, definitely, a jungle night safari in Bandhavgarh. Enclosed amongst the beautiful hills of the Vindhya Range, this place is covered with dense forest which houses numerous species of mammals, birds, as well as reptiles. Bandhavgarh National Park offers perfect prospects for a thrilling jungle jeep safari at night in the middle of the deciduous jungles. The occasional sounds which break the silence of the woods here make hearts beat faster.

Bandhavgarh National Park and Tiger Reserve are one of the most visited places of India. Located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, the national park offers wonderful opportunities for many adventurous activities; but nothing can be more exciting than a stimulating Bandhavgarh jungle safari at night. Browse for shining pairs of eyes peeking from behind dense thickets of bamboo and sal trees at night and get goosebumps when you hear roars and growls of wild animals of the Bandhavgarh forests.


Bandhavgarh jungle night safari is not only one of the most interesting ways of spending your time here, but also the most exciting ones in order to observe the nightlife of these dense jungles. You are not alone when you travel inside the Bandhavgarh National Park at night. Except for a guide cum guard that we will provide you, you will get the company of hundreds of unique mammals and reptiles. Wild birds will sing to you at night and keep you entertained. Listen closely to the soft tip-toes of tigers around you and feel the thrilling rush through your body.

The most exhilarating night safari in India is the jungle safari Bandhavgarh which interests almost all wildlife freaks, adventure lovers, and nature enthusiasts. The safari is one of the most memorable activities for them who gets on with this awesome adventure. Hundreds of tourists, from countries all over the world, who come every year to the Bandhavgarh National Park in order to enjoy the one of a kind flora and fauna of the place, enjoy the jungle night safari more than any other activity here.

Bandhavgarh National Park houses a large variety of wildlife. One can get a glimpse of caracals, Indian boars, Sambar deer, and even the magnificent Royal Bengal tiger while touring the jungles. Travellers who are interested in the daring activity of exploring the woods at night can come to Bandhavgarh and get ready for the most unforgettable endeavor of their life. We offer the best prices for the interesting activity. Bandhavgarh safari booking is available through Bandhavgarh 365 website. So, come and get ready for a wonderful adventure.

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Source by Dhruv Gehlot