Black Moor goldfish is one of the most beautiful varieties of goldfish. As their name implies, they are velvety black in color that fade to a dull silver along the belly. They are also characterized by their protruding eyes that seem to pop out from its skull; the protruding eyes are the reason why Black Moors are also called black dragon eyes, and the more endearing popeyes.

The Black Moor goldfish has a lifespan that is one of the longest of all the goldfish. The average Black Moor can live to more than 20 years, but if given enough care and room to grow, they can last for more than 25 years. They can also grow in length to about 8 inches to 10 inches, depending again on the room provided to them.

Because this goldfish is a hardy little fellow, it does not take much to keep it happy and healthy. For as long as you give it enough food, ample room in the tank, and clean water to swim in it will surely last for years; given that it does not get any serious diseases of course. Because it is low maintenance, the Black Moor is the perfect fish for beginners at keeping fish.

The things that you need to concern yourself about when keeping a Black Moor goldfish as a pet is that it has relatively poor eyesight because of its bulging eyes, it is also not the most agile swimmer in the world so it can be hard keeping them in a tank with faster moving fish because it will not be able to keep up with the feeding frenzy of the other fishes. Because of these handicaps these fish are more relegated to being kept in indoor tanks with other slow moving fish rather than in outdoor ponds that have a lot of obstructions that it has to navigate around in.

But besides its incapability of keeping up with the faster fishes, the Black Moor makes up for it in its high resistance to illnesses and it is also not very sensitive to water quality unlike other fish. You can keep Black Moors in tap water for all they care; but if you want your Black Moor to be a lot more healthy and happy then you should check the pH balance of their tank water and the temperature from time to time, just to see if they are in the right levels.

This goldfish do require that the water in their tanks are well-oxygenated, so keeping them in a fishbowl with a small opening at the top is not really advisable. A tank that has a wide opening at the top will be a better suited environment for them, you could also add in a good water filtration system in the tank to keep the water clean and circulating so that it gets oxygenated.

This breed og goldfish is really one of the most suitable pets for beginners; it is beautiful and very low maintenance, what more can you ask for?

Source by Jill Hathaway