Choosing a bird that makes a good pet can mean the difference between looking forward to coming home or not.  And while there are all different sizes, colors, and shapes available their innate traits should play a big part in your decision to adopt.  Here are 4 types of birds that make great pets and lots of reasons why they do.

Sun Conure-These have become so popular because of their sunny dispositions, beautiful coloring, and their ability to adapt easily to most situations.   They can entertain themselves for hours if a variety of toys are provided for stimulation. But they also enjoy a close relationship with their humans.

Some may learn to speak a few words, and they are generally healthy and can live as long as 15 years with proper care and diet.  They vary in size but can grow to as much as a foot in length.   They make an exceptional pet for both the experienced bird owner or for a novice.

Budgies-Budgerigar is the formal name, and it is one of the most common pet birds found in the stores.  Often called parakeet, it has been bred in a variety of colors with the most familiar being green and yellow or blue with black and white markings. On average they live up to 8 years with exceptions noted at 15 years.

Because they normally live in large groups in the wild, they need lots of love and attention from their owner if they are to be the only bird.  Their dietary needs are pretty straightforward and if well cared for their potential health issues are few.

Cockatiels-Described as outrageously beautiful by the National Cockatiel Society, this is another gorgeous feathered friend to consider.  Smaller than its bigger cousin, the Cockatoo, it is a great alternative to smaller packaging; yet its small size does nothing to diminish its wonderful personality.

They need a lot of interaction with their owner so if you work during the day, consider getting two so that they are company for each other.  Generally, males tend to be more vocal while females have the potential to be more aggressive.  With that said, each bird has individual traits that may or may not coincide with these general tendencies.  They are relatively inexpensive and can live for as long as 20 years.

Macaws-They vibrant plumage makes them a beautiful companion, but they are extremely intelligent as well.  They want a very close relationship with the main caregiver and are a great choice for a family.

Macaws can become bored easily so placing them in a well-traveled part of the home will provide stimulation for both bird and humans.  Some can be fairly noisy; be sure to visit the bird at different times during the day to determine if that will be a problem.  With proper care, they can and often do live for as long as 60 years.

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Source by Debbie Davis