Are you thinking of getting a bird for a pet? Here is some great information to get you started. Birds can make great pets. The most popular and easiest to handle birds are the canaries, budgies, and finches. When shopping for your pet be sure to look for a bird that is alert and bright-eyed. It should look clean, well cared for and healthy so you are getting a good start and have a pet that will thrive for years to come.

The Canaries come in two different types: the song canary that can sing and the type canary that comes in beautiful colors. The canaries live to an average age of about nine years. The budgie or budgerigar is a small parakeet with a lifespan of about 12 years. It is known for its bright color and its affectionate nature. It can also mimic you. Budgies can also be trained to talk. The finches are also very popular pets as they are beautiful and quiet. They are social birds and do well especially if kept in pairs. Unfortunately, their lifespan is only two and half years.

Before your bringing your pet home purchase a cage that is large enough to allow the bird to fly around a little. You will need at least two perches and dishes for food and water. It is best to get a cage with a removable tray on the bottom for easier cleanup. You can also add accessories for the bird to play with. Although canaries do not care for toys, finches and budgies enjoy things like ladders, bells or even a mirror.

Take time to talk to the experts in the bird store for details on feeding and caring for your pet. Each species may have different specific needs but generally, all bird cages need to be out of direct sunlight and drafts. Average room temperature of about 70 degrees is ideal. Clean out the dropping and all dishes every day to keep your birds health. Remember a bird can be a great companion and a great pet.

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Source by Ann McKee