Do you want to own a pet bird ?, If you do, then, you have to see to its needs right away. And since you will have a pet that can fly away from you given a chance, you have to make sure that it has a cage!

Giving your bird its own living space is one of the essentials of bird ownership. However, with the different models, sizes, and colors of bird cages available in pet shops nowdays, you might have a hard time choosing the best home for your bird.

Neverheless, do not fear for here are some guidelines that would help make your search for that perfect cage much easier. Follow them and chances are you will never go wrong!

Decide on the placement and location of your bird cage .

You must determine where you will place your bird cage and shop for it based on what will be appropriate for the spot that you have chosen. The spot should be away from drafts and windows, but must be placed in a lively part of the house to encourage interaction between pet and human beings.

Consider the size of your bird.

A good bird cage should give your pet enough space to roam around comfortably and extend and flap its wings fully. This means you have to take into account even the space that may be taken up by the bird perch, food bowl, and toys.

This is really important for if you will keep your bird in a cage that is too small for its size, you may be shocked to find it screaming one time and biting the next. It may also develop psychological disorders and pluck its feathers.

The size of the cage may also depend on the species of your bird. You may consult an avian veterinarian for cage size recommendations.

Keep in mind the bar spacing.

Lovebirds, parakeets, and smaller birds should be placed in bird cages with bars that are not more than half an inch apart since they may try squeezing through and / or becoming stuck in between bars.

Source by Daniel Roshard