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Super Dog Training Link The AVMA supports the concept of pediatric spay/neuter in dogs and cats in an effort to reduce the number of unwanted animals of these species. Just as for other veterinary medical and surgical procedures, veterinarians should use their best medical judgment in deciding at what age spay/neuter should be performed on individual animals.

Super Dog Training Source A physical examination is not just a chance for your vet to see how cute your dog is; a thorough exam can pick up on a variety of illnesses and prevent potential catastrophic disease. By finding, diagnosing and treating these problems early, your pet will live a much healthier and longer life.

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Principle 10
A plan for conducting an experiment with living animals must be prepared in writing and approved prior to initiating the experiment or to obtaining the animals. Proper experimental design of projects and concern for animal welfare are important learning experiences and contribute to respect for and appropriate care of animals. The plan shall be reviewed by a committee composed of individuals who have the knowledge to understand and evaluate it and who have the authority to approve or disapprove it. The written plan should include the following:

* A statement of the specific hypotheses or principles to be tested, illustrated, or taught;
* A summary of what is known about the subject under study, including references;
* A detailed description of the methods and procedures to be used, including experimental design; data analysis; and all aspects of animal procurement, care, housing, use, and disposal.
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In exercising its leadership role in assuring the health and well-being of animal populations in the United States, the American Veterinary Medical Association will work to prevent promulgation of regulations and implementation of policies that increase regulatory burden without clearly benefiting the welfare of animals or protecting the food supply and/or the public at large. As a matter or principle, the AVMA will promote the veterinary expertise of its members and their right to exercise professional judgment in using that expertise to ensure the appropriate care and treatment for animals under their charge.
David Baron Laboratory testing plays an integral role in the early detection of changes in your pet’s health. Diagnostic tests provide essential information by which our veterinarians can identify blood disorders, kidney and liver disease, diabetes, infection, cancer, thyroid disease and other hormonal problems. Our in-house laboratory provides fast and accurate information so that your pet can receive appropriate treatment immediately after arriving at the hospital. We also send diagnostic samples to Idexx Laboratories for routine blood and urine testing, microbiology, cytology, pathology, serology and other specialized tests. Our veterinarians are able to consult with Idexx veterinary specialists in several different fields including pathology, internal medicine, cardiology and radiology.

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