Recent reports suggests that the problem of bed bugs has steadily been increasing each year and it’s not surprising either as world travel continues to be on the rise. While many associate this problem with cheap hotels or shady inns, five star hotels and expensive homes can also become infested. If you expect to do a lot of traveling, then making use of a bed bug mattress cover can help keep these insects at bay.

The way it works is that the cover essentially encases the entire mattress so as not to allow any of these critters from going in or out. These tiny insects almost always attack late at night so if they are nesting in the mattress you are about to sleep in, do not be surprised to see bites on your body when you wake up. Being prepared will help to prevent this from occurring.

When searching for a bed bug mattress cover, be sure the one you choose will fit on the bed you intend to put it on. In addition, the zippers should also function properly in deterring insects from getting out. You may also want to consider a cover that is of tightly woven fabric instead of plastic just for added comfort. Eventually, any bugs trapped in will die due to lack of oxygen and food.

While these covers are extremely effective when you travel or stay over at a friend’s place, if there is an infestation problem in your house then you may need to take a more aggressive approach. The purpose of these covers is not necessarily to prevent an infestation problem but to protect you when traveling.

Source by Eddie Saunders