Are you thinking about bearded dragon breeding?  There is some fascinating details you ought to understand on how to correctly breed them.  The bearded dragon is considered as among the most well-known lizards these days. This has conveyed the interest of bearded dragon breeding. The procedure of breeding bearded dragons usually takes particular conditions and timing to create fertile eggs as well as wholesome hatchlings. It is very essential to decide the appropriate conditions required to breed successfully. You should reconstruct the bearded dragon’s natural environment. But prior to you can begin to breed dragons you might need to assure that both male and female lizards are healthy and of proper age to propagate offspring.

Preparation before Bearded Dragon Breeding

* You need to prepare the conditions inside the tank of bearded dragons to imitate winter season. The ultra-violet light really should only be on for 10 hours as an alternative to 14 hours and provide them with 14 hours of darkness. The quantity of food you are employed to feed them need to also be decreased.
* The temperature ought to be dropped down up to 78 degrees only while the temperature should be about 67 degrees inside the cooler side with the aquarium.
* These conditions must be maintained for approximately 6 weeks then you can resume the temperature and lighting.
* Following this period, make sure to feed the dragons more than the usual. As you know, it is extremely important for them to add weight thus wax worms are perfect choice for them.
* The pair must be separated when the feeding for about four weeks before putting them once again together. It is also recommendable to put them together. Do not put two male dragons together for they may grow to be hostile with each and every other.
* The female dragon will then show indication of becoming submissive by bobbing her head or waving her hand slowly. Then the male will begin to chase her and attempt to mount her
* When the female is already fertile, which you can establish by seeing her adding some weight. The female dragon will then appear for a spot for laying eggs.
* Be sure to present the female lizard a lay box that compost of garden soil and sand, which should be kept moist most of the times.

Bearded Dragon Breeding – What to do following The Eggs Are Laid?

The female bearded dragons will lay her eggs in a tiny hole, so be sure you know exactly where you can get the eggs from and you ought to get rid of it by using a spoon. Steer clear of turning them, they should be placed right away in an incubator.  You can acquire a ready-made 1 or make your personal. Be sure to maintain the eggs at approximately 85 degrees. The eggs should also be moist and you can obtain this by putting a little container that contains water inside the incubator and misting them often.

Bearded Dragon Breeding – Your new babies

When they are ready to come out of their shells, make sure to put them into their individual tank referred to as a rearing tank. The baby bearded dragon needs to be fed three times a day.

Source by Theresa Jordan