In Southeastern Indiana, a notorious black bear was spotted roaming around the roads during the winter and was reported to be out of hibernation! It is a well known fact that bears collect all their resources including food in the summer season and go hibernating when winter knocks the door.


This notorious guy was spotted rampaging the corn fields outside the refuge in Madison earlier in March. But, Joe Robb, the refuge manager thought that he had gone outside the refuge just to eat, but ended up coming back. This is the second bear that has been spotted out of hibernation in two years. Here’s why this probably happened:


– If a human feeds a wild animal, for instance, a bear, it might get accustomed to finding food around his house. So, there are chances that you will increase a bear’s hunger expectancy if you’re feeding it. This is considered to be the primary reason why the bear went out of hibernation.

black-bear1 photo

Do not keep fruits and vegetable within the reach of wild animals that may come around your place. The process of a bear getting food from other sources results in ‘problem bear’, where a bear fails to hibernate on time. Trust me, you do not want to see a hungry bear on the streets during winter.

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