Having a good relationship with your canine allows you both to enjoy grooming time together. If you pet is used to the attention and affection you give them grooming them will not be an issue for them. If your pet is not used to getting groomed, start slow. Grooming time should start off at around 5-10 minutes per session as your dog becomes more comfortable with it, increase the time.

Grooming should be done regularly and while your canine is relaxed, try after playtime when you and your pet are waiting down. Doing grooming tasks on your pet while bathing them is great if your pet does not mind the water. We all know how some pets are with the thought of a bath, so use your judgment.

Be sure your dog is comfortable with you touching his ears, under belly and all other sensitive parts before you try to put a grooming brush to those areas. Keeping your canine calm during grooming sessions is essential so talk to them.

Now for the type of canine you have the grooming care is a little different for each and what type of brush you need. Here are some tips, if you have a boxer or basset hound their hair is smooth, short and shiny so you only need to groom them about weekly.

You need two brushes for your type dog, the rubber brush and the bristle brush. Using the rubber brush first as it loosens dead skin and dirt. Then using the bristle brush it will remove dead hair, spend a good ten to fifteen minutes using each brush. Use a chamois cloth to shine your canine after you are done brushing them.

If you have a breed like the retriever, they have short sense fur that is rather to tangles at places. Use the same ten to fifteen minute rule above. Start with the slicker brush to remove tangles, be sure to do the tail as well. After you have used the slicker brush go to the bristle brush and spend some time and brush the dog completely from head to tail.

Canines with long luxurious hair like the Yorkshire terrier need daily attention. Using the slicker brush daily to remove tangles and gently tease out matting. The bristle brush is also used daily to brush their coats. It’s an honor to own an unique and special breed but do not forget that they need a lot of attention.

Source by Ingela Johansson