Australia is a nation of pet lovers. This adoration is most apparent when you take a look at the Pet Products andPet Supply industry.The KraMar Pet Company, an Australian owned and operated pet supplies manufacturing company, has seen a lot change in their fifty plus years in the pet product industry. Most obviously is the amount of money pet owners spend on their dogs and cats annually- recent research shows that Aussies spend more on their dogs than any other pet, totaling $2.7 billion annually, which works out at $732 per dog every year.

Along with the pampering of pets it is important that pets are taught how to behave correctly, to the benefit of owners, neighbours and other animals. Celebrity dog trainer, Steve Austin, fromthe Kramar Pet Company, recommends a range of pet products that can help you during the training process. These pet products include dog collars, cat collars, cat leads, dog leads, KraMar’s Supa Naturals Pet Treats, Wagwear dog apparel, and a large range of fun pet toys. KraMar manufacture and sell over 2 million collars and leads per annum, so they are the pet suppliers you can rely on as they know what they’re talking about. Also, all KraMar products are backed with a 100% unconditional guarantee.

All these pet products will help in your effort to train your furry friends to stop some of their worst habits, such as jumping up, barking, scratching, digging and more. Distract your dog with pet toys that are mentally stimulating, as most bad behaviors stem from boredom, says Steve Austin. At the first sign of scratching direct your cat to a scratching post so they know this is the spot for scratching. If they persist to claw the family furniture consider covering their main scratching spots with aluminium foil or double sided tape, as cats hate the feeling of both.

Source by Lauren Hill