Humans have a great tendency to show love and care for animals. In that sense, many are adopting or buying pets to take good care of in their own home. If you are thinking of having your first pet or an additional one, you should consider breeding an Arowana.

This pet is unique since unlike the common pet, which is fury and cuddly, this fish is scaly and bony. In truth, an Arowana is a fish. In that note, if you were to breed this kind of pet, you would have to have some of the basic knowledge about breeding it. Here are some tips for you to get you started in giving care for a scaly friend.

Anatomically, an Arowana fish is relatively big in dimension. Considering this fact, the aquarium that you should use should also be spacious. If you will buy a fingerling, it would be better to place them already in an aquarium that is fit for its size and its mature age. Another thing that you should keep in mind is to make your aquarium big enough for the food to fit in too. Moreover, since these fishes live in the shallow areas of the riverbanks, you would need to replicate that same environment in your aquarium. Lessen the plants and the rocks in your aquarium’s base to further increase the amount of space that this fish can occupy. If you would insist to still place some plants in the bed, do so in the most logical places, like in the sides or in the corners. In that effect, maintaining this fish will require you to have a significant amount of financial capacity.

For the food, you should remember that this fish is carnivorous. With that, you should make sure that you have a good amount of sources in your home. As mentioned, this fish, especially the golden Arowana types, can grow into a number of centimeters. With that amount of body mass, these fishes will also need a lot of food intake. So, if you are to feed your pets, it would be better to keep a lot of meat at hand. Some live food sample would include shrimps, small fishes, and water fleas. For the processed options, prawns will do. Pellets meat feeds can also be included in your pet’s diet. Just make sure that they are small enough to be swallowed.

In conclusion, breeding this type of fish is tedious. However, if you can succeed, you will have the fulfillment to say that you own an Arowana as a pet.

Source by Robert Khaw